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Simple, new tools for managing your money 

You'll be amazed and relieved at how easy it can be


Designed Just For You

This is the first program ever written for the sole purpose of managing household finances. This is the household equivalent of the software used to manage a small business, but, a whole lot easier. Learn more ...

"This program is amazing!"
Jonathan P., TN 


Your muscle machine

Use myOwn10-Key to run and manage your tapes the same way as all of your other digital files. Use the built in tools to quickly create deposit slips, build saving and debt payoff plans, analyze loans and investments, plus develop your most advantageous depreciation plans. Learn more ...

"This is a fantastic program."
K.H. Stephens, CPA

Money Worksheet

A free, simple pencil and paper based system for managing the everyday money that, on payday, you deposit into one checking account. No budgeting or tracking expenses. Click here to see the 3 page PDF document. To use the Money Worksheet, download the document and print.

Money Worksheet

Free custom debt planners

Use these planners when you are happy with how you handle your finances and just need a plan for getting out of debt. Click on the planner below that you want to use.

Custom payoff plan
Debt snowball

Or just wing it

3 for 3 challenge

As you know, you will find nothing on this website that is based on budgeting or tracking expenses. Those methods for managing money work well in businesses and governments, but, are unsuited for personal use.

What does work for managing personal income is very different. The 3 for 3 money challenge is a risk free way for you to find out the basics of what does work for household finances.

If you are up for it, take the challenge now. Then come back to find out more about the options that you will find here for doing something amazing with your money.

Paychecks are important. Paydays are not.

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