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Income Companion: Incredibly Cool Budgeting

Plus a powerhouse number processor

IC: Incredibly Cool Budgeting

The correct way to budget

You associate a checking account with a budget space. You use the Plan and Use Cash pages in the budget space to add, change and delete descriptions of your finances. The program uses information from your Plan and Use Cash pages to continuously update your Incredibly Cool 12 month budget.

Everything is on your local computer. No online links. No account numbers. No passwords. No online tracking of what you've done. It's all about what you plan on doing.

Try Incredibly Cool budgeting free for 60 days. Buy a lifetime license for $39.95. Click here to start your download.

"This program is amazing!"
Jonathan P., TN 

Income Companion has changed our lives for the better. We can now see exactly where our money is going at a glance and set funds aside every month without a complete lifestyle change.

We never had a manageable way to keep a handle on
our finances and the impact of our choices. The picture that Income Companion creates helps us to make well informed and objective decisions.
Love it!

I really love the ability to forecast out to plan. Compared to what
I was used to in terms of dwelling in the past of what was spent, I like the
future focus and pre-planning aspect of Income Companion!


Power number cruncher

Use myOwn10-Key to run and manage your tapes the same as your other digital files. Use the built in tools to quickly create deposit slips, build saving and debt payoff plans, analyze loans and investments, plus develop your most advantageous depreciation plans.

Try this amazing number processor free for 30 days. Buy a lifetime license for $19.95. Click here to start your download.

"This is a fantastic program."
K.H. Stephens, CPA

Paychecks are important. Paydays are not.

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