Income Companion

Personal finance planning software

Plan and use your household income to your best advantage. Stop stressing about money. Spend more carefree time enjoying the things and activities that you love.

Getting control of your money is way easier than you expect


Appreciate how your houshold money works

Everybody's household money works the same way regardless of how you get it or how much you receive. And everyone makes the same choices for how they will spend and save their income. Click here to learn the fundamentals of the way your money works.


Understand that paychecks are important, but, paydays are not

Paydays can happen any time. There is no universal schedule that applies to when you will get paid. There are, however, universal schedules that dictate when you will use your income. Click here to see the sensible adjustments you can make in how you view and react to this difference between when you receive and when you use your everyday money.


Use the software tool that works the same way your household money works

You have a generous 60 day free trial in which to get to know Income Companion. Click here for a quick overview of the program's awesome features and benefits.

Income Companion has everything you need

Automatic planning tools

Spoiler alert: giving every dollar a job is not included


Bill payments

Sinking funds

Short and long term savings

 Everyday money tools

Spoiler alert: tracking expenses is not included

Automatic transaction register. Help with balancing your checking account.

Help with planning and using your weekly allowance

A method for managing credit card usage. Help with reconciling monthly statements.

Help with paying bills on time

Tools for getting out of debt

Build a payoff schedule that fits comfortably in your plan

High balance credit card

One debt

Debt snowball for multiple debts

Income Companion is also a great time saver

Financial insanity can cost you a lot of wasted time with all the stress, worrying and arguing. Being financially sane with Income Companion, on the other hand, takes an amazingly small amount of time by freeing you to update your money plan when it's convenient instead of when your money is happening.

Get comfortable with your money as easily as these users have done

Ben Pitts, SVP, Picwell

Income Companion has changed my life and given me control over my finances

I really love the ability to forecast out to plan. Compared to what I was used to in terms of dwelling in the past of what was spent, I like the future focus and
pre-planning aspect of Income Companion!

Income Companion has changed our lives for the better. We can now see exactly where our money is going at a glance and set funds aside every month without a complete lifestyle change.

We never had a manageable way to keep a handle on our finances and the impact of our choices. The picture that Income Companion creates helps us to make well informed and objective decisions. Love it!

Try this amazing software free for 60 days

It's time to stop worrying about money and do something about it. Income Companion will help you get where you want to be quicker than you expect.

Create a picture of your finances that everyone can understand. Turn down the stress and strain at home. Start talking about, and enjoying, your money instead of arguing.

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