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Planning Cash Flow for Clients

The go-to method for managing household income has consistently been monthly budgeting probably since the middle-class first started to emerge. This has been unfortunate since using a monthly budget has proved to not work for most people. The consistent failure of household budgeting as a planning tool is substantiated by the:

  • continual increase in consumer debt;
  • growing pool of seniors unable to retire;
  • number of households living paycheck to paycheck;
  • households that are vulnerable to unexpected expenses because of no emergency fund.

Until now you’ve had no choice for helping clients out of financial trouble except to preach budgeting. Because monthly budgeting is such an unusable method, pushing it on your clients could tarnish your status as a trusted financial guru. People are reluctant to talk with an advisor who can only recommend a money planning method that is widely known to be painful, stressful, and of minimal benefit.

With the advent of this book and Income Companion, all that has changed. You now have a book that clearly explains how everyone’s everyday money works, plus the only software planning tool on the planet that works the same way. Instead of trying to get clients to do unnatural monthly budgeting, you can now show them that all they have to do is make adjustments to what they are already doing. You are no longer selling, but educating and training.

To get started with this awesome opportunity for your clients, you must first use Income Companion with your own finances. People may find it hard to believe in a method and software that you are recommending, but don’t use yourself.

Once you have a firm understanding of how powerful Income Companion is for intuitively managing household income, you may find that your enthusiasm for helping your clients has increased exponentially. That’s a good thing. It'll rub off on your clients.

Planning Cash Flow for Clients

Financial planners can also use Income Companion to help clients plan their cash flow for the next twelve months. With no limit on the number of budget spaces, an unlimited number of clients can be supported with one copy of the program.

To plan cash flow, start-up Steps 3 and 4 are done in a budget space to add income and bills (expenses). By never paying bills in a client’s budget space, the Look Ahead is a projection of the client’s income vs. expenses that is always current and easy to maintain.

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