Getting Comfy with Your Money

Chapter 4:
How Income Companion Works
Budget Space Page

A Budget Space in Income Companion is like a three-ring binder that contains all of the information for one managed checking account.

One default budget space is created when you first start the program. You can rename your default budget space but you cannot delete it.

There is no limit to the number of additional budget spaces that you can create. Each budget space is stored in a separate file folder on any available disc drive.

The Budget Space page is where you maintain your entire collection of budget spaces.

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Each budget space stores holidays, outgo categories, and auto-fill lists used in a budget space.

  • Holidays are used to adjust income, bill, and credit card due dates when those dates fall on a weekend or holiday. A library of holiday files by geographic area is available from which a predefined file of holidays for one area can be downloaded.

  • Outgo categories are used to organize how bills are listed on the Look Ahead page and how credit card charging history is organized. A complete set of predefined outgo categories is available.

  • Auto-fill lists are used by the program to help you when re-entering duplicate descriptions and memos.

It is on the Budget Space page that you can delete old information from a budget space. To avoid data congestion, it is recommended that all but the last twelve months of data be deleted each January. Deleted information can be kept in historical backup files.

On the Budget Space page, you can also create a compressed ZIP file that contains a complete copy of a backup of the open budget space. Zipped backups can be used for sharing with other Income Companion users such as deployed family members and financial planning clients.

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