Getting Comfy with Your Money

Financial Fitness Mentor

Bank and Credit Union Customers
Company Employees

Banks and credit unions are in the business of renting cash to customers and members. The cash they rent out comes from their customer deposit accounts. When their customers are financially healthy, customer accounts are healthy and the business benefits. It is in the best interest of banks and credit unions, therefore, to mentor customers in the sound management of their day-to-day finances.

Companies often lose man hours and productivity because employees are stressed about money. Employees who are worried about how they will pay their bills or feed their family are not fully engaged in performing their jobs. Regaining this lost efficiency with minimal cost and intrusion would be an advantage for both the company and their employees.

In both cases, Income Companion can be the answer. A mentor program for fostering the use of the software and coaching program users on money management best practices can be implemented with minimal expense.

Flyers outlining the features and benefits of a Financial Fitness Mentor program for companies and banks or credit unions are shown here. These flyers can be downloaded with the below links as well as with the links in this website's footer below.

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