Getting Comfy with Your Money

Chapter 8:
Getting Comfy with Your Money

It Can Be Intimidating
Be Good to Yourself
Your Time Is Now

You now understand why everyone, including you, either does or would like to do the same six things with their money:

  • Receive income
  • Spend cash wisely
  • Pay bills on time
  • Use credit cards without adding short-term debt
  • “Save up” to buy something
  • >Put aside current income for future uses including an emergency fund and retirement

You also appreciate that what sets people apart with their money is how well they understand:

  1. >how the six parts of their everyday money work;
  2. that paychecks are important, not paydays;
  3. how to use Income Companion: the only software tool that works the same as their everyday money.

The next step on your path to getting comfy with your money is to start using Income Companion. But, putting your newfound knowledge about money and Income Companion into practice could feel awkward—if not downright scary. It’s not unusual to feel that way.

It Can Be Intimidating

As discussed, money can be very uncomfortable, and now the possibility of using Income Companion has been added to the mix, possibly making you more uneasy. Reasons for feeling intimidated about money and using the program are numerous. They often include:

  • listening to your parents argue about money;
  • believing that money is the root of all evil;
  • learning as a child that money is not to be discussed;
  • trying to budget and/or track expenses and failing miserably;
  • trying to plan income vs. expenses with a spreadsheet and failing miserably;
  • feeling that you are computer and/or software challenged;
  • being unable to discuss money without hyperventilating;
  • trying the well-meaning advice from budgeting gurus such as Dave Ramsey and getting nowhere;
  • >being told that taking baby steps to financial serenity will take years when you want help now.

Regardless of why you may be feeling intimidated at this point, believe that you now know how your money works. You also know that Income Companion works the same way. You have your money in perspective. You are ready to take control of your financial future by incorporating what you have learned in this book into your money lifestyle.

Yes, making the leap toward believing in yourself and using Income Companion will take time and energy, but so is being stressed, frustrated, angry, frightened, and unable to sleep. Transferring the energy you’ve been putting into negative feelings and thought processes toward positively managing your money through Income Companion is well worth the effort.

Be Good To Yourself

It’s time to put your hesitancy aside and move forward with the knowledge and confidence you have gained from reading this book. Put your generous 60-day free trial to good use by:

  • downloading and installing Income Companion (;

  • completing startup steps one through six to build your first complete picture of your finances for today and the coming year;

  • doing step seven to complete your startup and pay bills with the program thereby beginning to manage your everyday money with the program;

  • using your Incredibly Cool Budget as a guide for building your unique path to financial health and well-being. If needed, this could include:

    • creating doable plans for paying off debt;
    • reviewing your plan for any ill-advised spending that you can stop to free up cash;
    • setting your short-term and long-term saving goals;

  • sitting down with a professional financial advisor to review your Incredibly Cool Budget to see if they can suggest beneficial ways to tweak your plan, if you feel the need.

Your Time Is Now

You are not too busy. You do have the time. You don’t have to wait until you are done with __________, or until _________ happens.

Complaining and procrastinating instead of doing something about your money could just be a habit that has you stuck in the rut of rationalizing your financial woes instead of putting in the time and effort needed to gain control of your finances.

Do yourself a favor by putting the excuses aside. You know what you have to do and now you know how to do it.

Get started today. Join me and the other Income Companion users in the awesome money stress-free zone. Make the choice to get and stay comfy with your money. You will be ever-so grateful that you did.

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