Now that you have a clear understanding of how all of the parts of your money work, the next step to finding your money comfort zone is to look at Income Companion: the software that works the same way.

Income Companion is the only program that is designed for the sole purpose of managing household income. Based on the six parts of your money, the software puts all of your everyday money information and events in one place.

The software not only works the same as your money, but the program also extends your money view by giving you a couple of awesome features: your incredibly cool budget plus automatic balancing of bank statements and credit card statements.

Your Incredibly Cool Budget

In addition to helping you keep track of your everyday money happenings, Income Companion automatically builds and maintains your Incredibly Cool Budget. You will always clearly see where you’re at, where you are headed, and what’s possible.

With your Incredibly Cool Budget, the program adds the planning feature that completes the personal finance model.

In Income Companion, you keep up with the day-to-day details of your income and your choices. Income Companion uses those details to automatically maintain your Incredibly Cool Budget for the next twelve months.

With your Incredibly Cool Budget, you always have a clear picture for the next year of what kind of plan you are creating with the choices that you are making today.

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Bank and Credit Card Transaction Files

The balancing of your checking account and reconciling of your credit card statements can be done in Income Companion either manually or automatically. You can base these monthly processes on statements in either paper or .PDF format; or you can download comma delimited (.CSV) transaction files and have Income Companion do the work automatically.

You can also use the transaction files from credit card companies to simplify the entry of new transactions

No two comma delimited transaction files from banks, credit unions and credit card companies are formatted the same way. To use these differently formatted comma delimited files in Income Companion, you create a transaction file map.

Each map tells the program how to extract needed information from the downloaded transaction files. Each map is created once and used forever; or until the company creating a transaction file changes the format.

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The Program Pages

All aspects of your day-to-day money are included in the design of Income Companion. In this section, you will see how the program is organized into functional pages with the pages equating directly to one part of your everyday money.

The program’s Home page (below) shows how all of the aspects of your money (above) are organized into functional pages.

The Home page also provides one way to navigate the program.

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