Getting Comfy with Your Money

Chapter 4:
How Income Companion Works
Look Ahead Page

The Income Companion Look Ahead page is a spreadsheet that is maintained by the program to display your Incredibly Cool Budget.

A budget is the estimation of income and outgo for a specified future period. The Look Ahead page combines detailed information from your Plan and Use Cash pages to create your Incredibly Cool Budget for the next twelve months.

The Look Ahead page gives you your own bottom line.

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The “new cushion balance” row shows you when there are potential problems with your spending plan. A red cushion balance is a warning that you are planning to spend more than you may have available. With a twelve month Incredibly Cool Budget, these warnings can be seen in plenty of time for you to make adjustments.

In addition to the menu above the spreadsheet area, most of the titles, headers, and names in the first column are right-click sensitive for charting, expanding/subtotaling groups, changing list orders, and showing pop-up menus. In other words, most of the functions on other pages can be accessed from the Look Ahead page.

The groups in the spreadsheet can be expanded to drill down to the underlying details.

A set of bar charts are available for the information displayed in the spreadsheet. The Row Total and Percent columns can be displayed to show the total amount and percent breakdown of the displayed budget rows. When the row totals are shown, Row Total Outgo pie charts are available.

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