Charging activity

Adding activity on a credit card to your Budget is a two-step process:

  1. Add charging activity to add transactions
  2. Adjust credit card payments to balance new activity with equal payments


How you add refund transactions depends on how the credit card company handles them.

Old refunds

When you return items that were purchased online, there can be a lengthy delay between sending back the returned items and having the refund for those items posted to your credit card account. It is possible that you will not be aware of a refund on your credit card until you receive the next statement. When this happens, do not enter the refund in A Real Budget since it is old business. Entering such late refunds after the statement has closed will only serve to throw the credit card information in A Real Budget out of balance with no way to correct.

Add reward

Cash back rewards are normally claimed on a credit card's website. You typically have the options of spending the money or posting it to your credit card account. When you have a cash back reward posted to your account, enter the transaction in the Budget the same as a refund.