The money that is deposited into a budget space's checking account comes mainly from one or more income sources. When and how much is expected to be deposited from each predictable income is calculated by A Real Budget using the descriptive information that you provide.

When and how much is expected from unpredictable incomes is entered by you as future payday dates and paycheck amounts become known.

Income types

There are three types of income.

Income duration

Each income has a lifespan that defines how long the income is expected to last.

How check amounts vary

Jobs are typically categorized by how a person is paid.

For A Real Budget to accurately predict when and how much is expected to be received from an income over the coming months, these typical job categories are adjusted slightly by thinking in terms of the paycheck amounts expected from an income as:

This slight adjustment in how to describe income paycheck amounts allows for hybrid paydays such as a

For example, a professional works each Tuesday and Thursday. The salary is $400 per day. Pay periods end on the 1st and 15th of each month which means the person's paycheck amount is not always the same. Each paycheck amount depends on how many Tuesdays and Thursdays there were in the pay period. To accurately predict the paycheck amounts for this hybrid income, in A Real Budget the salaried income is based on a gross hourly wage of $50 per hour ($400 daily salary divided by 8 hours paid per workday). The net hourly pay used by the program can be calculated by dividing a paycheck amount by the number of hours worked in the pay period. This calculation could look like:

Net paycheck amount (after deductions): $1,312
Number of Tuesdays and Thursdays in the pay period: 4
Number of hours paid in the pay period: 4 * 8 = 32

Net hourly pay: $1,312 / 32 = $41