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About this site

This website is free. It is intended for anyone who is interested in understanding and getting the most out of their everyday money. This includes middle and high school students, college students , wage earners just getting started, mid-career wage earners and retirees. In other words, this website is for everyone who will be or is currently receiving an income ... any type of income ... and decides how that income will be spent.

What is not discussed is wealth and building wealth. Those are entirely different from everyday money. However, once you understand your everyday money, and how to manage it, you may find yourself in a position to start building a portfolio.

About money

Do you know anyone who feels uncomfortable talking about money; maybe is even scared of, or frightened by money?

Do you know anyone who thinks that the only way to have more money is to get a raise, move to a better paying job, or start a side hustle?

Do you know anyone who has tried budgeting and failed? Anyone who feels that living paycheck to paycheck is inevitable?

These discomforts about money are felt by more people than you might imagine. A factor contributing to these common fears about money could be the myriad financial gurus and bloggers who are adamant in selling budgeting as the only way to get control of your finances. With at least 3 out of 4 people in the United States not preparing a budget, it's a very real possibility that these well meaning gurus and bloggers, instead of helping, are actually perpetuating a mindset of failure.

Money is a convenience that simplifies your life if you know how to manage it correctly. If you don’t know how money works, like anything else that is mysterious, it can be scary. The cure for scary is knowledge. This site will provide you with what you need to know to put money in proper perspective so that you can concentrate on setting and achieving your monetary goals.

About you

A person who receives money and then decides how that money will be spent is referred to as a money manager. Since you receive an income and decide how your income will be spent, you are your own money manager. It’s not a question of whether or not you fill this vital role in your life. You assumed this role the moment you entered the workforce and received your first paycheck.

The only relevant questions about you as money manager is how good you are at handling your day-to-day finances. 

  • Do you understand how everyday money works?
  • Do you have a means to monitor your current and future finances?
  • Can you confidently plan your spending for the next year?

What to expect

After you have finished reading and understanding the topics on this site you will be able to answer "Yes!" to all the above questions. You will know what is meant by personal finances. The mystery that shrouds money in a dense fog will have been lifted. You will have a thorough understanding of what your day-to-day financial life entails and how your everyday money works.

Lastly, you will know all of the ways that are available to you for effectively managing your everyday money. The choices you have range from doing nothing, or very little, all the way to using a professional grade software tool that works the same way your money works.

The bottom line is that you will feel comfortable with your money.

Get started

This site's menu is structured left to right in the sequence that you will follow from start to finish the first time. Make your way through the main menu items by opening and reading each sub-menu item in the order listed. Move on when you are comfortable with the material you just read. Go back to any topic that you want to review again.

After you've been through the entire menu, return to this site whenever you feel the need for a refresher on any topic or concept. The goal is for you to completely understand and feel comfortable with your everyday money and how you will achieve the financial goals that you decide to pursue.

Above all, enjoy yourself. Your everyday money is a convenience that is meant to simplify your life. If you are stressed about money, relax and learn how it works. Knowledge is a great stress reliever.

How long you take to make your way through this website is entirely up to you. Go at a pace with which you feel comfortable. To get started, open the Basics menu and click on the Intro topic.

You are starting down your path to real, lifelong financial peace of mind. Enjoy the trip!

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